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Stana Katic in Feast of Love (2007)




Based on the novel by writers’ writer Charles Baxter, Feast of Love (2007) should expose this talented scribe to a larger audience. Certainly if his other books are as sexually graphic as this one Mr. Skin will have to crack one open. The movie centers on Morgan Freeman and the people he meets during his nocturnal walks to fight insomnia. No one is going to fall asleep as Freeman learns about the candid and carnal workings of the people in his neighborhood, sort of like an R-rated Mr. Rogers. Some of those people are women, naturally, and they, naturally, get naked . . . a lot. Selma Blair, Alexa Davalos, and Radha Mictchell are all no strangers to skin, and they keep the relationship intimate in this nude-worthy addition to their résumés. Dig into this Feast of Love; it’s a horny of plenty.