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Amanda Peterson in I Posed for Playboy (1991)




I Posed for Playboy (1991) tells the tale of a trio of trixies who . . . wait for it . . . posed for Playboy! They're Amanda Peterson, Lynda Carter, and Michele Green, and each is a centerfold who's a joy to behold, even though none of them bares so much as a dinner roll—this is made for TV, after all. But don't worry, that didn't stop Alison Armitage from flashing her torso tarts, boob tube be damned! Woohoo! Amanda is a cutie at Yale U; Lynda is a wonder of a working mother; and Michele is a broker who's rolling in dough. Each have family and friends who think posing is a no-no, but these freethinkers don't care . . . they're out to free their wares and let down their hair!