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Lucy Liu in Rise: Blood Hunter (2007)




Rise: Blood Hunter (2007) chronicles Lucy Liu as Sadie Blake, a newspaper scribe who’s basking in the acclaim of an article she wrote on the happening Goth trappings of local hipsters. Sadie's piece, however, sheds light on what proves to be an actual vampire cult. Blood-sucking sect leader Bishop (James D’Arcy) is not pleased. His underlings, then, turn Sadie into one of their own, but she won't go to the dark side quietly. Rather than lie in her coffin and like it, Sadie instead embarks on a bombastic, relentless revenge spree against the ghouls. She's aided by Clyde Rawlins (Michael Chiklis), a renegade cop who has his own reason for wielding wooden stakes and holy water. Rise: Blood Hunter is scary, sexy, bloody, and showcases Lucy Liu's topless two. That'll raise the dead . . . in your pants!