Anna FrielAnna Friel Gets Near-Nude in Prehistoric Comedy

No one at Skin Central was expecting to see a naked Anna Friel in Will Ferrell’s new retro time travel science fiction comedy flick Land of the Lost. So it was a surprise when one of our tireless skin scouts sent in a report about the state of the starlet’s wardrobe in the movie, due out June 5th.

Our trusty scout reports:

I didn't bother timing this, but your eyes will be taking a routine expedition down Anna Friel's t-shirt as the Irish explorer shows off her cleavage in a skimpy t-shirt throughout LAND OF THE LOST. She also adapts to her new environment by losing most of her pants while changing them into shortshorts. You can't blame chimp-boy Chaka for keeping a monkey grip on Anna's anatomy for most of the film. The end also provides us a look at the lovely ladies of Chaka's tribe, who resemble hot hippie girls in need of a haircut, since their long dark tresses cover their breasts.

Anna has been naked in a full ten movies to date, including The Tribe, where she shows all 3 B’s getting double-teamed by a couple of horny dudes.

And among the pud-poundingly pulchritudinous Pakuni tribeswomen that populate the movie's mysterious parallel universe are Israeli eyeful Moran Atias, who flashed T&A in Mother of Tears, Scotch bonnet Pollyanna McIntosh, fresh from her naked threesome with Natassia Malthe in Sex and Death 101, and Eve Mauro, who bared boobs and butt during a nude lesbian orgy in the horror flick Wicked Lake.

It looks like the Land of the Lost ladies might have you going back in time for more Kleenex!

But which Stone Age babes would you most like to club over the head and drag back to your cave for a little ooga-booga?

Racquel Welch in One Million Years B.C.?

Barbara Bach in Caveman?

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