The HBO series True Detective has been getting good early reviews despite the fact that it doesn't premiere until the painfully far away January 12. The breast news is of course the confirmation of Alexandra Daddario’s amazing nude debut in the second episode! The crack team over at has an early report with all the sticky details here. The highlights include:

13 minutes in: Alexandra straddles Woody, handcuffs him, and reads him his Miranda Rights. Alexandra then pulls off her top, gets off of Woody, turns around, bends down a bit, and pulls down her shorts. We get a great view of Alexandra’s ass and can maybe see a little something between her legs as we see her ass straight on. We then see a hint of muff as Alexandra turns around and straddles Woody again.

19 minutes in: Alexandra is wearing the polo again but is bottomless so we see her ass. The camera then switches to a closer side view and as Alexandra gets off of Woody we can almost see a brief but clear view of her pussy.

There’s no high-def evidence yet, but some screenshots and grainy gifs surfacing on the net seem very promising indeed!

True Detective Screenshot
True Detective Screenshot