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Abigail Leslie Is Back in Town (1975)

Great Nudity!
  • Genres: Adult
  • Director: Joseph W. Sarno
  • Rated: X
  • Home Release: 01/17/2006
  • Theatrical Release: 09/15/1975
  • Countries: USA
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The remote fishing village as depicted by ’70s softcore auteur Joseph W. Sarno in Abigail Leslie Is Back in Town (1975) is redolent with rampaging pheromones, all seemingly triggered by the homecoming of a locally infamous adulterous. Not only are the husbands and other claimed men of the seaside burg incapable of resisting the luscious libertine’s scent, half the village’s wives and girlfriends also open their nostrils wide under Abigail’s seductive sway. Be sure to be at home taking a deep...

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