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What do you think about Hollywood actresses with fake boobs?

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Thu, Nov 20, 2008 | 8 Comments

Today's Query: What's about Hollywood stars with fake breasts?

Real boobs. Fake boobs. Hollywood's got them all -- and the rest of us have each got on opinion on this top-heavy topic.

The Skin Team stormed the public to find out what you think of celebrities who add silicone or saline to the happy-sacks. Press play for the results.


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Excelent Skin on street! Hate fakes. Hate em. I wouldn't turn em down tho LOL

Squiggy @ 4:23PM on November 21, 2008

Haten' on the fakes. Totally unappealing from a distance and gross up close and personal. Have you noticed that the girls who go fake almost never stop with the breasts either -- they usually become Barbie Frankensteins with all kinds of work, and it never quite looks natural... To me all the fakes just make the naturals that much hotter.

JB @ 9:41AM on November 21, 2008

it is to good i like that type of natural style.

md osama @ 6:06AM on November 21, 2008

Ugh! Fake boobs are just so... fake! There are NO "good" fake boobs. None. You simply cannot compare any (insert fake boob actresses' boobs) to Scarlett Johansson's boobs. No contest.

What is worse (but not much) is cheap fake boobs. Groan. They are just the worst. I'd rather a woman with cheap fake boobs keep her top on. I don't even want to see that for a second.

I'd rather be with a woman with real AA boobs than a woman with any size bigger fake boobs. Fake boobs are just gross, horrific and are steadily contributing to the overall decline of the Western world! Fake boobs are the WMDs of the sex world. Fake boob doctors should be lined up and shot, but first they must take out all the bags of goo or salt water they have shoved in women's boobs.

If I had a choice between squeezing a pair of fake boobs, even expensive, "well done" fake boobs, I'd rather eat a small box of Nerds or a bag of Twizzlers... they are that bad (the boobs, not the Twizzlers).

I can tell fake boobs in the dark, without even seeing them. Some people have "Gay-dar" I have "Fake Boob-dar". If I am with a woman and I discover she has fake boobs, I require that she leave her bra on and say five "Hail Marys" before we begin sex. If she becomes my girlfriend (not likely with fake boobs) I would pay for them to be wrenched out of her chest as soon as was humanly possible. Then I would put together a Rainbox Six team of elite assassins and kill with impunity the "doctor" who put those bags of goo in her chest. We would then make a pilgrimage back in time to sometime before the 1950s (when all boobs were real) for my girlfriend to achieve spiritual cleansing from her fake boob experience/trauma/foolhardy decision.

Having a girlfriend with fake boobs is like having sex with a blow-up doll, except everything besides the boobs are real. I think fake boobs are responsible for all of James Brown's legal woes and probably contributed to his untimely demise.

Fake boobs... bane of the existence of discriminating males who don't like fake things, especially boobs, particularly boobs, oh god... anything but fake boobs.

Michael David @ 5:01AM on November 21, 2008

I had a lapdance from a chick w/ implants. I felt like I was going through a carwash - and not in a good way.

Fleeber Treatise @ 9:11PM on November 20, 2008
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