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Top 5 Naked Celebrity Shower Scenes

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Thu, Mar 4, 2010 | 15 Comments

They're dreamy. They're steamy. They're shower scenes, and every movie worth its salt has one. Would anyone have seen When Will I Be Loved? if Neve Campbell hadn't stripped down and soaped up during the opening credits? What would Porky's be without its skinfamous group shower scene. Grab a towel and press play!


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How could you not love the shower scene at the beginning of "Carrie"?

nudeman @ 9:55PM on March 8, 2010


Shit, Nudeman, that's right. I forgot all about the shower scene from "Carrie" and I was just watching that movie again not so long ago. It completely slipped my mind. We had Sissy Spacek, Nancy Allen, et al. P.J. Soles was there too, but she kept her clothes ON sadly.

Skin_Enthusiast @12:24AM on March 9, 2010

Darn, right Chris. Jill's bum. We all must have checked out The Stepfather 16 times in 1988-1991. What a fox. That Italian movie scene was very hot. It was dubbed in. Looked like 1974-1977. 20 Girls naked in the shower and they dump a bucket of water on some fat Italian peeper. What is that movie.? Cute little blondie in the gang of girls too, her vulva is sticking out too in a full-frontal shot. What is that darn movie ? .5 different stories of Italian girls talking about their sex lives to their friends on the bus. I have it on an old V.H.S. but they just put a fake name on it. One of those porn names. I have to research the proper name. The Reform School Girls shower scene is hot. Berry Gordy's daughter even got naked. She plays one of the 2 black girls in the scene. Real hot. Darcy De Moss. I just wanna spank her butt. Yeah

James @ 9:02AM on March 7, 2010


The IMDB also has AKA so you might punch in that fake title and find the real name.

yamatokira54 @ 6:29PM on March 8, 2010

I can't believe Mr. Skin did not credit the queen of shower scenes, Edwige Fenech!... Forget Neve Campbell...

E @10:30PM on March 5, 2010

Not to be a stickler but are any of the girls in the Porky's shower scene actually celebrities?

Just thought of a good one -- John Laroquette spying on the women's shower in Stripes!!

Roy_Munson @10:28PM on March 4, 2010


"Stripes" was funny as hell. Bill Murray was hilarious. It even had that naked chick who was naked in the original "Halloween" also.

Chad @ 5:35PM on March 5, 2010


There are no celebrities in "Porky's" that I'm aware of.

I almost forgot all about "Stripes." Yeah, P.J. Soles was naked in that also.

I like Elvis's choice of "Red Heat" with Linda Blair.

For some reason, my favorite shower scene has always been "Girls in Prison" with Anne Heche and Ione Skye. I'm surprised that one didn't make it.

Skin_Enthusiast @ 5:24AM on March 7, 2010

Nice...but i would include Red Heat.

elvis @ 5:37AM on March 4, 2010
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